Are you as fit as you'd like to be?

I believe we’re all somewhere on the sickness / wellness / fitness spectrum. 

These are all values of the same variable: health. 

Wherever yours is, I can help you improve

I specialise in fat loss and lifestyle change, but also enjoy working with the everyday athlete.

Which one are you?

Optimal Performance

Learn how to optimise your nutrition to maximise gains in the gym.

Fat Loss

Learn how to build a lifestyle that
suits you.

Personal & small group training

I offer limited small group- and personal training in a studio in Eindhoven.

What people are saying about me

Some feedback from people I’ve worked with.

"Great speaker , Robin's enthusiasm is really nice"
Feedback on webinar
"How to survive lockdown life"
"6 months into my new lifestyle I'm feeling happier, more confident and now I actually enjoy training. "
Feedback on Habits for Life
3 month online coaching traject