Dessert for breakfast

Breakfast seems to be the meal of the day many of my clients struggle with. It has to be quick, healthy and tasty, 3 things that seem to be mutually exclusive. So I get this question all the time “what to eat for breakfast?” I thought why not dessert, cause that’s pretty much what it looks like to me. Here’s one of my favourites. I usually prep these a few days in advance.

Base ingredients per portion:

  • 35 g whole oats
  • 25 g protein powder
  • 150 g low fat Greek yogurt


  • 200 g fruit
  • 20 g nuts, seeds or (pea)nut butters
  • Flavourings: cinnamon, lemon rind, ginger, nutmeg

Cook the oats in water until they are fluffy. Add the scoop protein powder. You want the texture to be a bit sticky and not too dry so add water as needed. Allow to cool off completely if you’re prepping for multiple days or serve straight away if you’re not.

Top with 150 g Greek yogurt, add some berries or any fruit to your liking and 20 g nuts or seeds and cinnamon.

The recipe provides about 40 g protein, 55 g carbohydrate and 22 g fat (578 kcal) depending on the toppings.
Change the quantities yogurt/oats/nuts depending on your needs and goals.

You can use different flavours of protein powder, fruits, nuts and toppings to keep things interesting. In the top picture I’ve used chocolate protein powder, topped with pomegranate seeds, berries, walnuts and cinnamon.

But I also like to  use vanilla protein powder blended with juice and rind of a lemon, topped with dried apricots, figs, kiwi, banana and nutmeg. Add some toasted pumpkin seeds just before eating to keep them crispy.

Let me know in the comments what combo you can come up with!

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